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Local Companies: You Can Support Inclusive Community Hockey Right Here in DC!


Titans Youth Hockey offers sponsorships to local and national companies that want to support inclusive, community-based youth sports.

The Titans are one of the only hockey teams in the region that actively encourages children ages 8 to 14 to play by offering full scholarships, and have been doing so for a decade. As every parent knows, sports are expensive. A single season can cost $3,500 or more for participation alone, with travel and equipment costs driving costs higher still. That locks many families out of the game. 

The Titans combat that problem by providing a way for boys and girls to play at a very low cost. A Titans scholarship covers registration, uniforms, travel and more, and we help many families obtain equipment as well. Sponsoring the Titans makes real change in our community by having a tangible impact on the lives of our children. All of our sponsor funding goes directly to the kids. We invite you to join us.

Sponsorship Levels

The Titans have applied for 501(C) status from the Internal Revenue Service and are awaiting approval. We currently have two levels of sponsorship:

  • Silver. Support our program with a donation of $250.
  • Blue. Sponsor a Titan Scholarship to allow a player to participate for a full season for $950.

Interested in giving more than $250, but are not quite ready for a Blue Sponsorship? We can create a custom program for you. Contact us and we can discuss a solution.

To sponsor the Titans please reach out to President Stacy Fierce at or Treasurer Glen Justice at We can answer questions and get you started. You can make your sponsorship donation using PayPal by clicking the button below.


How the Titans Give Back to the Community 

The Titans offer a value-based program that puts children first. Here is what the Titans are all about:

  • Sportsmanship.  We care about more than winning.
  • No-Cut Policy.  We say, ‘once a Titan, always a Titan.’ No Titans player who wants to play will ever be cut.
  • Scholarships.  We help everyone play hockey by giving out full scholarships.
  • Community.  We give back through multiple service events.
  • Captain’s Council.  We ask our players to help make decisions.
  • Volunteerism.  We are a purely volunteer program. The entire budget is directed toward helping our players. Our leaders receive no compensation.
  • Notre Dame Hockey Camp.  We have a relationship with Play Like a Champion and send players to Notre Dame Hockey Camp every year.

How the Titans Give Back to Our Sponsors

Part of the Titans ethos is to give our sponsors maximum support. Too many youth sports sponsorships offer trinkets. We try hard to give you real business value. To do that we take a custom approach designed to give you what your company needs. For example, an accountant in solo practice who has no website would get little from ads on our website. But she may get a great deal out of talking to parents for a few minutes at our annual kickoff meeting, and then providing a discount coupon via email. We work with you to create a package of support that will have impact.

  • Word of Mouth. We let the entire Titans community know that you stand with us and support inclusive sports—and we encourage them to give back by patronizing your business. We do this at every chance we get, and we do it for every sponsor.
  • Marketing Assets. All sponsors are free to use the Titans name, logo and images in their marketing materials.
  • Email. Youth sports involves scores of email communications with parents every season. We can mention your company, provide links, or offer coupons.
  • Digital Advertising. We can offer ad space on our website, where parents are constantly checking schedules and reading updates.
  • Collateral Advertising. We can offer promotion in our Annual Report and other documents.
  • Service. Do you have a community service project? Perhaps the Titans can help. We have participated in food drives, community gardening, site visits, team exchanges and many other programs over the years.
  • Photo. We provide all sponsors with a team photo.
  • Letter. We provide all sponsors with a letter of thanks documenting their support. The Titans have applied for 501(c) status, so there may be tax benefits as well. 

How the Titans Do More Than Just Play Hockey

The Titans don’t just practice and play. We have many events for our players throughout the year. For example, here are some of the things Titans players did in the 2017-2018 season:

  • Played two games and held a pizza party with a team from Israel.
  • Participated in a team exchange with a girls basketball team from Chicago, both in Washington and in Illinois. 
  • Played between periods of a Caps game.
  • Skated on a real frozen pond (actually, it was a creek off the Chesapeake).
  • Met the goalie for the USA women’s Olympic hockey team.
  • Touched the Stanley Cup.
  • Appeared in The Washington Post, on ESPN and on WUSA-9.
  • Participated in a food drive.
  • Helped nurture a community garden.
  • Traveled to Notre Dame Hockey Camp.  

How You Can Participate in Sponsorship

To sponsor the Titans please reach out to President Stacy Fierce at or Treasurer Glen Justice at We can answer questions and get you started. You can make your sponsorship donation using PayPal by clicking the button below.

Calling All Hockey Moms and Dads


Hockey Moms and Dads make things happen. The Titans especially welcome any parents, alumni and other hockey community supporter to help build our program.  When many hands are working together, everyone's load is manageable and we can do amazing things!

We welcome all help with:

  • Coaches and Assistant Coaches. We can help you with the training required.
  • Team Managers. Communications and schedule management.
  • Online Store Manager. Designs for team gear and managing store payments.
  • Uniform Manager. Helping organize uniforms for out teams at the beginning of the season.
  • Website Management. Update and manage the Titans website.
  • Event Manager. Helping to organize team and broader community events.
  • Fundraising. Help the Titans raise money. 
  • Accounting. Help with tax returns and compliance.
  • Legal Assistance. Help with insurance and other contracts.

If you are interested, or have any another ideas for our program, please contact Jessica Smith at or Stacy Fierce at

Thank you for all of your help!


Titans Sponsors

Major thanks to the local businesses that support us!

Sponsored by Innovative Pest Management

Innovative Pest Management

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Sponsored by Lincoln Park Associates

Lincoln Park Associates

Visit Website
Sponsored by MMD Construction Management

MMD Construction Management

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Sponsored by The Menkiti Group

The Menkiti Group

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Sponsored by Craft Beer Cellar DC

Craft Beer Cellar DC

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Sponsored by South Capitol Smile Center

South Capitol Smile Center

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Sponsored by Hideout at Red Pines

Hideout at Red Pines

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